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Driven by modern day demand 'Maximise production capacity with a minimum capital expenditure', plus, with the increasing demand of high capacity Rolling Mills in the country and overseas, Rana Udyog has joined hands with world renowned rolling mill equipment manufacturer MWE (Erstwhile SKET), located in Magdeburg, Germany.

In a pioneering stance, Rana Udyog has also achieved Gold Standard in steel rolling technology in collaboration with MWE, Germany and crossed another milestone by introducing state of the art ‘Slit Rolling Technology’ for Kamachi Sponge (KSPCL), first time in private sector steel industry in India. The 0.5 million TPA bar mill project for Kamachi, is designed, manufactured and commissioned by Rana Udyog and MWE.

MWE Magdeburger Walzwerk Engineering GmbH

The business was founded on 20 September 2001 to uphold the many years of tradition maintained by SKET Walzwerktechnik GmbH which discontinued activities on 30 June 2002, through building small and medium-size plants and plant components in rolling mills and the metallurgical industry.

MWE Magdeburger Walzwerk Engineering GmbH provide replacement parts services on an international scale for SKET rolling mills on the basis of existing documentation and drawings of all SKET long-product rolling mills supplied and their components.


The founders of MWE, Dr.-Ing. Michael Krampitz and Herr Dipl.-Ing. Frank Clement, just as the key design engineers, had worked for the SKET companies for many years. Relying on a licence agreement signed with SKET, and drawing on their individual experience gathered in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, they have access to the full range of SKET's long-product rolling mills expertise.


Advanced CAD systems and consistent quality management actively pursued in the field of project engineering, design, assistance with manufacture, erection and commissioning of equipment guarantees cutting-edge quality requirements to meet our customer’s satisfaction proficiently.


A medium-sized firm with a flat management hierarchy and a customer-related business organisation, we can very quickly respond to changes.

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